Dear colleagues;

Attached to this email is analysis of approaches to academic planning in Canada, including a compilation of ideas and concepts relating to principles and directions. This is the first of two communications on academic planning that we will be sharing with you this week (with the second focusing on planning processes). While there is an intention to bring a University Academic Plan to the two Senates in November for approval, this document has been described as a “living document” that requires further development. It is in that light, and in a spirit of constructive discourse, that we have presented the analysis attached here to the planning committees for the two senates. Even though the Oct. 27 deadline for feedback is now passed, in this context of ongoing planning development, we encourage you to use our analysis to continue to contribute to these processes. The Fredericton APC will not meet again until November 6, the Saint John AP&R will not meet until November 10, and the joint Saint John/Fredericton committee will not meet until November 13. In our view, it is necessary to continue to comment on this critically important planning exercise, and to ensure that the best ideas are integrated as a part of collegial and iterative discussion and feedback.




President, AUNBT

AUNBT analysis of academic planning (document 1)