The table below provides limited-term full-time complement data as received from UNB.

Note that in some cases administrative positions are included. For example, Assistant VP Fredericton (Academic), Associate VP Academic (Learning Environment), and a position listed under Financial and Administrative Services in the office of the Assistant VP Finance at UNBSJ.

The numbers represent the October 1 snapshot for each year listed. This includes 8 or 10-month full-time limited term positions. The numbers may therefore be lower if a snapshot were taken at a different time of the year.

CEL (FR)001111
    English Language Program001111
Arts (FR)9651039
    Classics & Ancient History100000
    Culture & Media Studies211102
    Faculty of Arts000000
    M McQueen Ferguson Centre1000.00.00
    Political Science001000
    The Gregg Centre110000
Business Administration (FR)201200
Computer Science (FR)122021
Education (FR)221345
    Faculty of Education221234
    Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre000111
Engineering (FR)532323
    Chemical Engineering000111
    Civil Engineering200000
    Electrical & Computer Engineering111112
    Faculty of Engineering111000
    Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering110100
    J. Herbert Smith Chair ACOA000000
    Mechanical Engineering000000
Forestry and Env. Management (FR)332123
    Faculty of ForEM332123
    Wood Science & Technology000000
Kinesiology (FR)000000
Law (FR)101320
    Faculty of Law101320
    Law Library000000
Nursing (FR)322826161211
    Humber College000000
Science (FR)324301
    Earth Sciences110100
    Faculty of Science000000
    Math & Statistics200000
Harriet Irving Library and Branches (FR)113321
Renaissance College (FR)010000
Vice-President Fredericton (Academic)002222
    Assistant VP Academic001111
    Assoc VP Academic (Learning Environment)001111
School of Graduate Studies (UW)000000
Vice-President (Research) (UW)003424
    Bio-Medical Engineering001100
    Vice President (Research)002324
UNBF Campus594853513441
Arts (SJ)376445
    Education (Saint John)00010
    Faculty of Arts (Saint John)000000
    History & Politics (Saint John)123123
    Humanities and Languages (Saint John)121101
    Psychology (Saint John)00102(*)
    Social Science (Saint John)131101
Business (SJ)665876
Science, Applied Science & Engineering (SJ)669111213
    Biology (Saint John)111121
    Computer Science & Applied Statistics111100
    Engineering (Saint John)212000
    Faculty of SASE000000
    Mathematical Science000011
    Nursing (Saint John)225998
    Physical Science010001
    Psychology (Saint John)2
Information Services & Systems (SJ)100000
    Library (Saint John)100000
Vice President (Saint John)111000
Assistant VP Finance (SJ)111100
    Financial and Admin Services111100
UNBSJ Campus182122242324
UNB Total776975755765

(*) The Department of Psychology at UNB Saint John was in the Faculty of Arts (UNBSJ) but is now in the Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering. Complement data for Psychology (SJ) for 2017 are therefore recorded under SASE.