The table below displays the tenure or tenure-track complement data received from UNB. You can use the search field to filter by campus (use “campus” as keyword).

Note that the Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans, elected faculty members of the Board of Governors, as well some senior administrators are included in the UNB data. We estimate that this adds ca 50 positions to the overall count, compared to the number of tenure-track AUNBT members.

The analogous dataset for October 2004 gives the number of tenure-track positions at UNB as 614.

This represents a reduction by 70 tenure-track positions from October 2004 to October 2017.

    English Language Program110.
Arts (FR)899699.695.499.493.498.4
    Classics & Ancient History244.
    Culture & Media Studies667.
    Faculty of Arts111.
    M McQueen Ferguson Centre110.
    Political Science776.
    The Gregg Centre001.
Business Administration (FR)313030.631.632.632.632.6
Computer Science (FR)191818.520.520.520.521.5
Education (FR)302727.
    Faculty of Education282626.
    Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre211.
Engineering (FR)666261.365.367.064.064.0
    Chemical Engineering111211.711.
    Civil Engineering141410.714.714.714.015.0
    Electrical & Computer Engineering161414.313.314.314.314.3
    Faculty of Engineering332.
    Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering869.
    J. Herbert Smith Chair ACOA111.
    Mechanical Engineering131212.314.315.014.015.0
Forestry and Env. Management (FR)231918.018.016.514.015.0
    Faculty of ForEM221817.017.016.514.015.0
    Wood Science & Technology111.
Kinesiology (FR)171716.
Law (FR)181818.
    Faculty of Law151515.
    Law Library333.
Nursing (FR)404339.
    Humber College111.
Science (FR)848482.579.880.382.881.3
    Earth Sciences111112.
    Faculty of Science222.
    Math & Statistics192019.
Harriet Irving Library and Branches (FR)171818.
Renaissance College (FR)324.
Vice-President Fredericton (Academic)
    Assistant VP Academic110.
    Assoc VP Academic (Learning Environment)
School of Graduate Studies (UW)
Vice-President (Research) (UW)
    Bio-Medical Engineering211.
    Vice President (Research)
UNBF Campus443439436.0435.0447.0439.0443.0
Arts (SJ)444340.
    Education (Saint John)
    Faculty of Arts (Saint John)
    History & Politics (Saint John)888.
    Humanities and Languages (Saint John)121212.
    Psychology (Saint John)101010.09.08.0(*)(*)
    Social Science (Saint John)12118.
Business (SJ)181921.
Science, Applied Science & Engineering (SJ)525351.
    Biology (Saint John)131514.
    Computer Science & Applied Statistics677.
    Engineering (Saint John)666.
    Faculty of SASE110.
    Mathematical Science554.
    Nursing (Saint John)131212.
    Physical Science877.
    Psychology (Saint John)7.08.0
Information Services & Systems (SJ)444.
    Library (Saint John)444.
Vice President (Saint John) (SJ)
Assistant VP Finance (SJ)
    Financial and Admin Services000.
UNBSJ Campus118119116114110105.0109.0
UNB Total561558552549557544552

(*) The Department of Psychology at UNB Saint John was in the Faculty of Arts (UNBSJ) but is now in the Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering. Complement data for Psychology (SJ) for 2017 are therefore recorded under SASE.