The following chart represents the University’s short-term and long-term investments, as provided in UNB Consolidated Financial Statements.

It should be noted that these amounts likely include funds subject to externally imposed restrictions.

For example, the category of “unexpended deferred contributions” includes sponsored research (external research funding), unexpended restricted donations, endowment income, and infrastructure funding.

According to the definition in the consolidated financial statements, the category of “endowed net assets” consists of “restricted donations to the University, the principal of which is required to be maintained intact, as well as funds which have been internally endowed by the University’s Board of Governors and endowment inflation reserves. The investment income generated from endowments must be used in accordance with the purposes specified by the donors or by the Board.”

These amounts are represented in the following chart:

Reference: C. Morril (FCPA, FCGA), J. Morril (CPA, CA, CGA), Guide to Analyzing University & College Financial Statements (CAUT, September 2016)