Prospective Faculty (Part-time or contract)

If you are considering the offer of a contract for instruction at UNB, we encourage you to consult our Collective Agreement (CA), however, the following topics may be of particular interest.  If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed in the following information, please feel free to contact the AUNBT office ( and you will be put in touch with one of our Contract Academic union representatives.

Association Membership (Article 8): Upon signing a contract to teach a credit course(s) at UNB, you will become a member of the Contract Academic Employee (CAE) bargaining unit (Unit 2 AUNBT) but in order to become a member of AUNBT you must indicate in writing to the Association that you wish to become a member. You can download the membership form (or it can provided to you by our office). Article 8 will outline the obligations to the AUNBT regarding dues and will also explain the grounds for registering an objection to paying said dues to the union.

Salary structure and related issues (Article 23). In this article the base stipend is specified and issues such as market differentials and fees awarded if a course is cancelled are clarified.

Working Conditions (Article 21).  CAEs are afforded certain benefits in the CA related to their working environment and you are encouraged to consider Article 21 to ensure that you are receiving the teaching support that you are entitled to.  This article covers, but is not limited to, issues such as office space, departmental support, secretarial services, technological support and email access.

Assessment for Right of First Refusal (RoFR) (Article 19) and Multi-Year Appointments (MYA) (Article 20).  Certain benefits awarded by the CA are available only to CAEs who have been through the assessment process (Article 19) and been granted a Right of First Refusal or a Multi-Year Appointment for a course(s).  The assessment process is explained in detail in Article 19 and 20 and is typically undertaken after the third time of teaching a course within a five year period.

Professional Expense Account (Article 27).  There is a fund available to CAEs who hold a RoFR.  Monies from this expense fund may be used to reimburse CAEs for materials purchased to enhance their teaching and engagement with their discipline. This fund is subject to a cap in funding and the pre-approval of the Assistant Vice-President Academic.

Tuition Waiver (Article 24).  A tuition benefit is available to CAEs holding a RoFR and waives tuition for a 6 credit hour course, or equivalent, in a one year period.  This waiver is transferable to a spouse or dependent child as long as they are enrolled in a full-time program at UNB.

Laptop Computer Fund (Article 28).  A laptop for the exclusive use of a CAE may be provided from a fund established in Article 28. To qualify, a CAE must hold at least one MYA and at least one RoFR in another subject. The laptop/notebook remain the property of the University.  Please read the article for particulars.