The chart below represents the growth of expenses from 2010 to 2018 in the “Administration & General” category of the audited financial statements.

65.2% increase in admin expenses 2010-2018

This constitutes an average growth of 8.15% per year in the period charted.

The expense growth in this category does not appear to be attributable to an increase in the number of full-time staff positions in administrative and central units. While most of the expense growth occurred from 2012 to 2018, in the same period the overall complement in these units remained essentially the same (a total increase by 6.1 or 1.2% in FT positions in 5 years), as shown in the chart below:

It should be noted that some of the large variations shown in the chart are likely due to internal reclassification. For example, some positions that were in the “Residential Life” category in 2012 seem to have been reclassified as “Student Services” in 2017.

Also of note is a decrease in the number of positions in SJ, and an increase in the number of University-wide (UW) positions.

Note: Data in the second chart were extracted from the annual complement reports AUNBT receives pursuant to Article 13.04. All AUNBT positions were removed from the count. (E.g., academic positions in research institutes that would appear under VP Research, or academic positions in the School of Graduate Studies.) Any discrepancy with UNB’s complement reports is most likely due to this adjustment.