Both faculty and administration need to play an important part in university governance. […] Each has valuable knowledge and perspectives to offer that can improve the quality of decisions.

Derek C. Bok (2013)
Harvard President (1971-91) and Interim President (2006-7)

On August 26, 2016, at the Board of Governors Annual Summer Retreat, Thomas Mengel (Renaissance College), Elizabeth Mancke (Canada Research Chair, Department of History) and former AUNBT President Jon Thompson participated in a panel organized by Nicole O’Byrne, elected Board member from the Faculty of Law. Topics of discussion included Academic Planning and Priorities, as well as the history of the development of bicameral governance at Canadian universities and at UNB in particular.

The topics and the presentations by the panelists are of considerable interest to our members and relate to ongoing issues on both campuses of UNB. The presentations are posted here, with kind permission by the panelists. We encourage members to read them and to continue the discussion with their colleagues.

The panel demonstrated the close interdependence, at UNB and elsewhere, of issues of Governance, Academic Freedom, and Academic Planning.

Material related more specifically to governance issues at UNB can be found on our pages on the UNB Act and Administration Review (including the 2014 Senior Administrative Roles and Responsibilities review and the current review of administrative services).