The chart below represents percentage changes in several expense categories of the consolidated financial statements. (Data source: UNB Consolidated Financial Statements)

Expense categories of “Research Grants & Contracts” and “Scholarships & Bursaries” are excluded from the graph for the time being. This is because AUNBT noticed what appears to be a reclassification of these expenses in 2017. We sought clarification and were informed by the Vice-President (Administration & Finance) that a reclassification did occur. This makes comparisons in these categories unreliable.

It is important to note that regardless of any changes in categorization there appears to have been a substantial increase in spending in the Scholarships & Bursaries category of expenses in recent years. This is an encouraging trend.

Expenses in the category of “Administration & General” have grown by an average of 8.15% per year in the 8-year period charted.

By contrast, expenses on “Instruction & Non-sponsored Research” have grown by an average of 2% per year in the same period.