On September 9 and 10, academics in Canada have set aside two days to participate in activities and actions to protest racism and police violence. These include, among other actions, a series of virtual teach-ins and a twitter storm using the hashtags #scholarstrike #scholarstrikeCanada. More details about activities being organized in Canada are available at https://scholarstrikecanada.ca/.

Inspired by the actions of professional athletes and the #ScholarStrike campaign in the US, academic staff and organizations such as CAUT will be standing in solidarity with protest movements fighting for social and racial justice in Canada and around the world.

AUNBT supports actions to speak out against racism and police violence, and supports participation in the activities below. We encourage the following:

  • Participate as you are able, and through communication with students and colleagues who may be affected by your participation.
  • Email your classes to discuss both this action, and the issues around racism, police violence, and social and racial justice.
  • Support students to engage in this action.
  • Educate yourself and your students on the issues of structural racism in Canada and the world. The Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment at UNB compiled an anti-racism living resource compendium, available in the Resources tab on the UNB Human Rights webpage, and in the document linked here: https://www.unb.ca/humanrights/resources/antiracismlivingdoc.pdf