Dear Members,

In response to plans for Fall term 2021, AUNBT has sent the following message and attached policy from McGill University to Kathy Wilson (VP, Academic, Fredericton) and Petra Hauf (VP, Saint John). We will be posting both the email and the policy to our website as well.


Sue Blair and Melissa White


Dear Dr. Wilson and Dr. Hauf,

I write with regard to your recent email regarding class delivery for Fall, 2021. It is AUNBT’s position that the workload capacity of our members needs to be taken into account and that the preferences of students should not be a higher priority than the workload of our members.

I refer you to the policy from McGill University, at the following link:, specifically the response to the question, “Why can’t courses be offered both on line and in person?” and the response cited below:

“While the goal is to resume in-person teaching for the Fall 2021 semester, we anticipate that some components of classes will remain online, especially large-enrolment lectures, because it is likely that there may still be restrictions on high-density gatherings. These components will be determined at the Faculty level, based principally on health and safety protocols as well as on the program or course requirements. However, creating two versions of McGill’s classes is simply not feasible (emphasis added); instructors will not be expected to have both online and in-person versions of their classes.”

Our members are very concerned about workload and have been asking a lot of questions. Thus, we will be sharing this email and the link to the McGill policy with our members and posting both to our website.


Melissa White

Melissa White, Ph.D.
Vice President, Fredericton
Grievance Officer

AUNBT letter to UNB Administration regarding Fall classes