Picket lines went up in Sackville on Monday February 3, as full-time and part-time faculty and librarians at Mount Allison University began job action after seven months of trying to negotiate new full-time and part-time collective agreements.

The key issues are job security and compensation for part-time faculty,  academic resources and workload, disability accommodation, and administration demands for concessions bearing on tenure, promotion and sabbatical processes.

This round of negotiation is about protecting the quality of the education that we offer at Mount Allison. Our working conditions are students’ learning conditions.

Mount Allison Faculty Association (MAFA) press release, Feb 3, 2020

AUNBT stands in support of MAFA and urges the Mount Allison administration to return to the negotiating table.

For updates and to send letters of support, go to mafa.ca

Mount Allison Faculty Association on Strike