AUNBT sent the following letter

to President Campbell earlier today:

Dear President Campbell,

I am writing to confirm that AUNBT will be commenting on the draft Act revisions circulated last week.

We trust that the consultation process will be genuine and that all alternate proposals will be considered. With that in mind, we are concerned that the proposed six-week period will not be adequate for a thorough consultation. We are aware that the Board’s Act Revision Committee had a year and a half to produce its 150-page document plus many pages of draft by-laws and we therefore request that the deadline be reasonably flexible.

The 150-page document refers to specific by-laws by number, but only an incomplete selection of such by-laws has been circulated. Particularly as the proposal involves moving so many significant matters from the Act to the by-laws, we would like to know when our members and the rest of the UNB community will be provided with a complete set of draft by-laws for their review and consideration. Such provision, we feel, is an integral part of the necessary consultation process.

We would also ask for clarification on the process post-consultation. You have stated, more than once, that you cannot imagine going ahead with revisions to the Act if the Senates are not in agreement, but you have stopped short of confirming that if the Senates decide to hold votes, the results would be binding on the BoG.

I look forward to your response at your earliest opportunity.

Yours truly,

Miriam Jones
President, AUNBT

cc. Sarah DeVarenne, University Secretary