This message is to inform AUNBT members that AUNBT has filed a policy grievance alleging that UNB is violating the provisions of Article 32F of the full-time collective agreement.

Article 32F states that the length of a parental leave shall correspond in timing and duration with the Employment Standards Act of NB.  Recent amendments to that legislation have extended the parental leave from 37 weeks to 61 weeks. The article also stipulates that UNB will provide a supplementary employment benefit (SEB) which will make up the difference between the Employment Insurance benefits received by a member on parental leave and 95% of the member’s nominal salary.  It further says that the member’s salary shall be maintained at 95% for the “period of the leave” (32F.03).

UNB agrees that a member can now be on parental leave for up to 61 weeks. However, UNB has taken the position that it will not extend the SEB provision to the full period of this new, longer leave. A member will be able to take the extended period of leave, but UNB’s position is that the 95% “top-up” will only apply to the previous shorter period of leave.  AUNBT is grieving this position.

AUNBT has requested that the grievance process be expedited in order to have an arbitrator decide the merits of the grievance in a timely fashion.

We will communicate that decision as soon as it is available.

In the meantime if you have questions or comments, please contact Fran Holyoke at: or Robert Gagné

PARENTAL LEAVE: Article 32F of the full-time collective agreement