Dear colleagues;

As a part of our ongoing efforts to monitor and understand the fiscal context at UNB, we continue to analyze audited financial statements so that we can effectively examine UNB’s decision-making for resource allocation.  To this end, we have requested and received additional information from the Office of the Vice-President Administration & Finance.

Claims about the fiscal health of the university continue to factor prominently in the rationale presented by administration to justify a range of administration-led initiatives, including: changes in complement and to tuition rates and structure; the allocation of significant funds to marketing to attempt to offset decreasing enrolment, and cuts to academic, non-salary budgets.  Documents we will be presenting to you are intended to be an evidence-based evaluation of UNB’s current fiscal state, and we hope this will lead to broad and informed discussion of the university’s finances and directions.

We will be sharing our analyses with you over the coming weeks, beginning with a report on expenses in the last two fiscal years related to the hiring of consultants, which you can find online at In the weeks ahead, additional charts and documents on other dimensions of financial management at UNB will be posted in a new section of our website: We will inform you of new material as this section of the website evolves.



Sue Blair

President, AUNBT


AUNBT Report on Consultant Costs