Dear AUNBT members:

This message draws attention to some provisions from the 2016-2020 CAE Collective Agreement about which we have had inquiries.

It is essential to read the entirety of the Articles mentioned below to make sure that all the details are understood and the proper process is followed.

  1. Article 28 establishes a fund of $25,000 per year for the purchase of computers or notebooks by CAEs who hold a Multi Year Appointment and a Right of First Refusal in different courses. Applications / requests should be sent to the office of the Assistant Vice President Academic in Fredericton.
  2. Article 27 provides for a Professional Expense Account of up to $1000 per year for eligible individual CAEs  for such expenses as the purchase of books, teaching materials, registration fees and travel expenses to attend conferences, etc. A CAE who has not spent any amount from this fund in one particular year may be able to claim up to $2000 in the following year.
  3. The Employment Standards Act of NB has been amended so that the period of a Parental Leave in Article 26 has been extended from 37 weeks to 61 weeks in duration.  
  4. Article 24 provides for the waiver of tuition for an eligible CAE or for the transfer of this waiver to their spouse or dependant child.

If you have questions about these or any other provisions of the CAE Collective Agreement, please contact AUNBT. We welcome any opportunity to familiarize you with the agreements that govern our relationship with UNB.


Attention Contract Academics: did you know…