AUNBT stands in solidarity with the UPEI Faculty Association (UPEIFA) and its members who are currently on strike.

According to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), in the last decade, enrolments at UPEI have increased 26% and tuition has risen 30%, but the number of full-time faculty has decreased. This has led to increased class sizes and a greater number of courses taught by contract academic staff who have fewer benefits and supports.

The UPEIFA represents over 400 faculty members, librarians, sessional instructors, clinical nursing instructors and clinical veterinary professionals at the University of Prince Edward Island.  The association is striking in relation to several key issues including the need to increase the number of full-time faculty, mental health benefits for members, and improved salaries. For the latest updates on the UPEIFA strike see the UPEIFA website or follow them on Twitter: @UPEIFA

UPEI Faculty Association on strike