Dear colleagues;

President Campbell’s message of July 5, 2017, invited feedback from the University Community on the Administrative Services Review. AUNBT expressed concerns that the stated deadline for feedback would not provide adequate time.

In response, AUNBT received assurances from President Campbell that the deadline for feedback would be extended so that Faculty Councils, Senates, as well as individuals, can revisit the Senior Administrative Roles and Responsibilities [SARR] Report of 2014, the April 2017 KPMG report and recommendations for restructuring administrative services, and other relevant documents. We understand that there will be an announcement soon about a revised deadline.

We strongly feel that there must be appropriate time for discussion and evaluation, and in particular an iterative, consultative process to allow adequate time for dialogue between AUNBT members, faculty councils, senators, senates and the board. At a minimum, we would expect this to take much of the fall to be meaningful.

The following questions, based on feedback received thus far from AUNBT members, may serve as a starting point for a broader discussion. We encourage you to continue to discuss these documents and submit your feedback to us.


Sue Blair

President, AUNBT

Administrative Services Review – Request for Feedback